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[Editorial Note: Not all of this information is accurate or complete. These are the memories of one person that are posted here for "historical interest." See Family Connections for he most correct and cross-verified version of the family history that we currently have.]

Lamza Family History
(Most information supplied by *Agnes Lamza Hosek)

In the year 1895, in about the month of June, Paul Lamza, Sr. and his wife, Annie Kocian Lamza, arrived from Europe with two children, Paul, Jr. and Jacob. In Europe they had lived near the town of Lazy (Laz-za) and the community of Certov (Chair-toff), in the country of Hungary. The family left Hungary because it was very difficult to make a living there.

After they arrived from Europe by ship, they made their way over land to the John Hosek farm located between Shiner and Moulton. Here the family picked cotton and helped with the field work. They also rented a farm with a house from people named Schmidt. The family spent the first year on this farm.

The next year, in 1896, two brothers and a sister of Paul Lamza, Sr. arrived from Europe. They also traveled to the Shiner-Moulton area. The names of the two brothers were: Andrew Lamza (and wife Susie) and Matthew Lamza (and wife Susie) (also). The name of the sister was Catherine Lamza Taraba (tare-ah-bah) and she brought her son named Henry. Her husband, Mr. Terraba, remained in Europe. Later in Texas, she remarried to Michael Konarik (ko-nar-czech).

Years later, perhaps ten or so, another sister of Paul Lamza, Sr., named Eva Lamza Madala (Ma-dah-la), sent two of her children to America. They also traveled to the Shiner area. Eva and her husband and the rest of their children remained in Europe. The two children that arrived at Shiner were named August Madala and Amalia (Ah-mohl-ya) Madala. August moved in with the Andrew Lamza family. He later married Rosie Vincik. Amalia moved in with the Paul Lamza, Sr. family. She later married a Mr. Leskovsky from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

(The spelling of names is not official or necessarily correct).

  1. 1895: Paul Lamza, Sr. and wife Annie Kocian


    • Paul Jr. - born in Europe

    • Jacob - born in Europe

    • Agnes

    • Charles

    • Pauline

    • Frank

    Paul, Jr. married Mary Orsak

    • Clara - (married Winslow Rochen)

    • Ed - (married Bernice Taylor)

    • Carolina - (married Don McCanless)

    • Thomas Lamza - (adopted son) - he did marry but died young -- children??

    Jacob (Jake) Lamza married Christine Danek

    • Emil - never married

    • Raymond - never married

    • Louis - never married

    • Millie - (Married Delma Schulze)

    • Elsie - (Married Claude Pope)

    Agnes married August Hosek, Sr.

    • Rosie - (daughter of August Hosek, Sr. from first marriage)

    • Annie - (married Harmon Stanley and second marriage, Henrie Schmidt.)

    • Martha - (married Bill Luckie and second marriage, Patrick Wilson)

    • Leon - (died as an infant)

    • August, Jr. - (married Lila Woody)

    • Ella - (married Ted Plyler)

    • Johnnie - (never married)

    • Agnes - (married George Sims)

    • Georgie - (married Jack Thorn and second husband, Daniel Cullinane)

    • Leona - (married Stanley Moczygemba)

    • Victor - (married Ivarene Voigt)

    • Albina - (married Jerome Flieller, Jr.)

    Charles married Mary Rochen

    • Charles, Jr. - (married Virginia Kruse)

    • Mary Ann - (married Dave Cantrell)

    • Agnes - (married Robert Moy)

    • Elizabeth - (married Sam Moy)

    • Margaret - (married Edwin Kubena)

    • Ernest - (married Theresa .......)?

    • Clement - (married Cecelia .......)?

    • Albin - (married Pauline Acker....)?

    • Gloria - (married Erwin Tschoepe)

    • Bernice - (married Henry Bendele)

    • Emilie - (married Mr. Genzer)

    • Gladys - (married Mr. Honeycutt)

    Pauline married Henry Rochen

    • Richard - (not married)

    • Georgie - (married William "Billy" Bartosch)

    Frank married Mary Novasad

    • James - (not married)

    • Martha - (married Hickman)

  2. Andrew and Susie Lamza - (Andrew - brother to Paul Lamza, Sr.)


  • Mary - (married Sefcik)

  • Frances - (married Kulhanek)

  • Wilomena - (married Grossman)

  • Albert - (married Zaludek)

  • Henry - (never married)

  • John - (married Pauline Snoga)

    III. 1896: Matthew and Susie Lamza - (Matthew - brother to Paul Lamza, Sr.)


  •     Rosie - (born in Europe - was about 7 years old when she came to America)

Rosie married Joe Stavinoha

  • AlvinRosie - (married John Marek)

  • Helen - (married Valcher)

  • Joe

  • Ignac

  • One more?

  1. 1896: Catherine Lamza Taraba... (later remaried to Michael Konarik) (Catherine - sister to Paul Lamza, Sr.)


  • Henry Taraba - (born in Europe)

  • more(?) [crossed out]

  • Annie Konarik (married Louis Divin)

  1. About 1906: Eva Lamza Madala and her husband sent two of their children to America. (Eva - Sister to Paul Lamza, Sr.)


  • Son: August Madala - (married Rosie Vincik)

  • Daughter: Amalia Madala - (married Leskovsky)

  1.  Steve Lamza - (married....................)? (Steve Lamza was a cousin to Paul Lamza, Sr.)


  • Leonard - (married Fannie ....................)?

  • Vangie - (married Clifton O'Neil)

  • Betty - (married Leroy Baca)

  • more children?

    *Agnes Lamza Hosek, daughter of Paul Lamza, Sr. was born between Shiner and Moulton on a farm on May 13, 1896, and on May 13, 1990, her 94th birthday, she supplied this information.

    Compiled by Ivarene Hosek
    June 1, 1990

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