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Source Archive

This page contains source material that can't be found in widely available public records and archives. Please let me know if I've inadvertently posted something I shouldn't.

Disclaimer: Remember that these have been copied or transcribed verbatim from the original sources, and due to error in memory, transcription or a host of other human factors, not all the information is necessarily complete or accurate. For the most accurate family information that I have today, check out the Family Connections section of this website

I hope this becomes a central "archive" that can safely keep copies of various family documents for everyone to use without damaging or losing track of the originals. If you have anything that could help build our collective knowledge of the family history (letters, certificates, photos, diaries/journals, licenses, deeds, obituaries, wills, newspaper articles, church records, family Bible pages, etc), please contact me at so we can work out a way to make a copy and make it available. Thanks!

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