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Lazy Pod Makytou

I received the following photograph from Virginia Kruse Lamza. It is a photograph of the village from an unknown date (forgive the quality of the's a scan of a photocopy of the photograph). The white building with the "X" is supposedly the house where the Lamza family lived.

The remaining photographs on this page were all taken by Miroslav Jankes in 2006. Miro grew up in Lazy Pod Makytou before he moved away during high school. He was extraordinarily kind to send these pictures along from his recent visits and grant his permission to use them on our family history website. To keep the time required to load this page to a reasonable level, I've reduced the size of the pictures, to see the full-size image, just click on the pictures below.

This first image is taken from a similar angle to the picture above. Obviously a lot of vegetation has grown up in the intervening years. You can get your bearings by noticing the location of the two churches in each picture.

This is another shot of the village from another angle.


Here's a shot of another part of the Lazy called Tisove taken from up high. The highest mountain in the center of the horizon is called Makyta.

According to Miroslav, the house where the Lamza's lived was torn down sometime between 1976 and 1980 to build a new road. He remembers the building as housing a cinema and restaurant when he was a small boy (in the late 1960s - early 1970s). In this next picture, he has drawn in the approximate location for where the building was (again, this would have been the white building with the "X" in the black and white photo above).

This next picture is a shot of the Catholic Church. The building to the left is the old rectory.

Here's another shot of the Catholic church by itself and a close up of the crucifix in front of the church



















And finally, here is a close-up shot of the Lutheran Church

Thanks again to Miroslav for the wonderful pictures that made this section of the website possible!

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