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Lazy Pod Makytou

The Lamza family came to Texas from the village of Lazy Pod Makytou, which is in current day Slovakia, just across the border from the Czech Republic. The area is marked by the red box on this map.

The following map is a closeup of the highlighted area. It's a little difficult to read on this graphic, but notice Lazy pod Makytou  just inside the western border.

This next image is taken from Google Earth. It's a bout the same area and orientation as the picture above. Notice how the village is set in a mountainous terrain.

Here's another perspective from Google Earth to get a little better idea of the terrain:

Lazy pod Makytou is home to about 1,500 year-round residents. It's made up of several smaller areas. One of these, Certov, is a popular skiing destination for people who live in Puchov. In addition to renting houses and otherwise catering to skiiers, many residents work in Puchov at the Makyta clothes factory and Matador tire factory. There's also a small factory in the village itself that makes dump containers for truck chassis and trailers. Some people also do agricultural work.

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