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At the turn of the 20th century, several members of the Lamza family joined  a huge influx of Czechoslovakians who immigrated to south central Texas from Czechoslovakia. They came from the village of Lazy Pod Makytou. It is located in modern day Slovakia, just across the border from the Czech Republic (click here to see a map). At the time, it was a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire that was often (incorrectly) referred to in the United States as "Bohemia."

Check it out - We now have new pictures of Lazy Pod Makytou (and more information about the area) thanks to the generosity of a Miroslav Jankes, who grew up in Lazy and sent along several pictures he took earlier this year. You can see the pictures here.

The family name in Europe was "Lamzso-Petras"...which was then shortened to Lamza when they arrived in Texas. These are the family members who immigrated, if you click on the names that are linked, you will be taken to a page that details their journey across the Atlantic:

They all settled initially in Lavaca County and Gonzales County, Texas. This site is dedicated to sharing research related to these individuals, their ancestors and descendants, and other related family members as we find them.

It Takes a Village
It takes a family to build a family tree! I certainly don't pretend to know everything there is to know about the Lamza family history. I started this site because there's very little Lamza family history that's been gathered together into one place that is easily accessible for everyone to share. As I get the chance, I scour through the various resources I have access to to find documents and such to help map out the journey of the family. But the best stuff are the things that bring each family member to life. The things that make them more than a name and some dates on legal documents.

So to that end, I ask for, and need, your help...I welcome any information you may have about Lamza family members, especially "personal items" such as photos, letters, family Bible information, and other materials that can't be found in public archives. We also need family stories, they're really the most precious thing we can add to our history, so to that end. I'm starting to collect "oral histories" of the family. Please contact me if you have anything you'd like to share.

A Quick Tour
To get around the website, click on the buttons on the left side of the screen (sometimes they'll be at the top) to go to the various areas. Here are some quick descriptions of what you'll find in each area:

Finally, this site is my gift to the family so our children can have a better sense of their history. There's certainly no financial gain it for me -- and I insist that there be no financial gain in it for anyone else. All information on this site can be shared FREELY for the purposes of family history research, but it is not to be incorporated in whole or in part into any kind of a for-profit use. In addition,  everything published here is done so in the honest belief that it is public information that does not violate copyright laws or identify sensitive information about living individuals.  Please send me an email to let me know if I inadvertently post something that should not be shared publicly.

So, on that note we'll end the disclaimers so you can move on to what you came for. Thanks again for stopping by and best of luck in your genealogical endeavors!

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