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The 3rd Group Arrives

On July 9, 1896, a few months after the second batch of Lamza family members came ashore, Paul and Marie (Lamza) Baranec arrived at Ellis Island with their son Paul, Jr. aboard the S.S. Halle. If you click on the image below, you will see a full-size copy of the manifest page where they are listed. They had Ticket #2837 and are listed on Lines 6-8.

Click here if you would like to see the 1st page of the ship's manifest that lists the ship and captain. Click here if you'd like to see the "tax page" with some additional summary information about the ship's voyage.

The website has the following description of the S.S. Halle:

3,960 gross tons, length 112.75m x beam 13.28m, one funnel, two masts, single screw, speed 13 knots, accommodation for 19-2nd and 1,071-steerage class passengers. Built by Germaniawerft, Kiel for North German Lloyd, Bremen, she was launched on 3rd Aug.1895 and started her maiden voyage Bremen - Montevideo - Buenos Aires on 2nd Nov.1895. As well as South America voyages, she was also used on the Baltimore and New York routes. In 1913 she was sold to Jebsen & Diederichsen, Hamburg and renamed PAWEL. 1915 sold to De Dortsche Stoomscheep Maats, Dordrecht, Holland renamed WOUDRICHEM. Mar.1918 seized by U.S. Authorities for it's war effort and 1919 returned to owners, but sold to Universal Transportation Co, New York. 1921 sold to Kennebec SS Co, NY, then to D. Pace, NY and renamed LLOYD. 1923 sold to Achille Lauro, Naples, Italy renamed IRIS. 1925 scrapped Genoa. [South Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor] [Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, vol.1 by Edwin Drechsel, ISBN 1-895590-08-6 contains photo of the ship as the LLOYD]

At this point I don't have an image of this ship. Also, as with the other arrivals to Ellis Island, I don't have any information about their trip from New York to Galveston.

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